A Partnership of the Fredericksburg Civil War Round Table 

   and the

   Central Virginia Battlefields Trust

Civil War Fredericksburg

"Then and Now"

Filmed in High Definition this DVD is in five segments featuring:

BATTLE OVERVIEW - The political arena prior to the 1862 action. In-depth review of the battle from a military perspective including active maps, commentary and action scenes.

A virtual tour of the battlefield and area with period and modern day photos from identical camera angles.

Experiences of war veterans through the minds-eye of their descendants.

Preservation Challenges- An overview of the challenges and accomplishments of the battlefield land preservation efforts in the area. Sites of proposed and current development are featured.

Helpful tips on a trip to the historic area.

    A Special Educator’s Edition will include the above and 2nd DVD with:

  •    Hundreds of period and current high definition photographs of Fredericksburg!
  •     Historical articles, soldiers diaries, research materials!

    This DVD is designed for use in your computer and is a valuable research tool for Students Round Tables and Presenters!


Proceeds will be given to CVBT  for Civil War battlefield preservation 


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Historian:                   G. Scott Walker     gscottwalker@gmail.com



"By preserving the hallowed ground of a Civil War battlefield we don’t just preserve land; we also preserve the memories and the meaning, the sacrifices and the stories, of the men who fought and fell there, men whose bond to cause and comrade and country was so strong that they were willing to die rather than to deny it."


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