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The CVBT is an authorized
501(c)(3) organization dedicated to the preservation of Virginia's Civil War battlefields.  Your contributions are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law. Our tax ID number is 54-1828344















Time is Running Out to Save our History!

Development is Threatening the Battlefields on a Daily basis!

Total Battlefield Ground Saved  

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 Acres and Counting

Now entering our seventeenth year, the Central Virginia Battlefields Trust (CVBT) has systematically acquired land on all four of the Fredericksburg area's battlefields.  We continue to identify and save our historical hallowed ground for now and future generations. 

 It's only through the generosity of our members and donors that we have been able to save the following irreplaceable ground where so many gave their ultimate sacrifice: 

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Current Fund Raising Challenges!


CVBT Hallowed Ground Saved!

Brandy Station Battlefield

56 acres, 2013 inclusive of Fleetwood Hill. ($700,000.00 CVBT grant obtained) In partnership with the Civil War Trust. (CWT Owned)

Fredericksburg Battlefield

Willis Hill
9.5 acres; 1997 (incorporated into NPS site)

Pelham's Corner
 1 acre; 1999/2008 (CVBT retained)

Pelham's Crossing
11.9 acres; 2002 (CVBT retained)

Latimer's Knoll
104 acres; 2004

Braehead (House & Grounds)
18 acres; 2006

Slaughter Pen Farm

Raised $1 Million
On the Fredericksburg Battlefield
205 acres; 2006 (joint effort with CWPT)
Battlefield Map


Fort Hood

5.6 acres; easement donated to CVBT

Fredericksburg; south on Tidewater Trail, along the Rappahannock


Deep Run/Garrison tract

10.3 acres; deed of gift to CVBT February 2011

Fredericksburg; site adjoins NPS land south of Lafayette Boulevard


Chancellorsville Battlefield

McLaws' Wedge
 (AKA "Ashley Tract")

99.826 acre tract; 1998 (sold to NPS)

Stonewall Jackson's Flank Attack
2 lots totaling 5.39 acres; 1998 (sold to NPS)

Nine Mile Run
  Johnson tract; 5 acres; 1999 (CVBT retained)
  Warren tract; 6.5 acres; 2002 (CVBT retained)

Talley Farm
25 acre tract; 1999 (CVBT retained)

Orange Plank Road
3.854 acre tract; 2000 (CVBT retained)

Smith Run
11.26 acres, (Fredericksburg site); 2001

Talley Farm Ridge - Jackson Flank Attack
16.37 acres; 2004

Chancellorsville Day One
140 acres; 2004 (joint effort with CWPT)

Rodes-Doles tract (site of the “Stars & Bars” castle)

13 acres; sold to CVBT for $475,000

April 2011

Chancellorsville; Flank Attack area, south of Plank Road


Stonewall Brigade tract

December 2012

9.2 acres; sold to CVBT for $264,400

Chancellorsville; Flank Attack area, south of Plank Road


Wilderness Battlefield

Grant's Knoll
6 acres; 2001 (CVBT retained)

11 acres; 2007 (CVBT retained)

Wilderness Crossroads

93 acres; (2010)

Wilderness Crossroads II

81 acres - December 2012

Color Map


Spotsylvania Court House

Po River
20 acres; 2001 (CVBT retained)
20 acres; 2003 (CVBT retained)

Harris Farm & Monument
4.87 total acres; 2004 combination of land and easement


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Updated: 20th, March 2013