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CVBT Talks About Local Civil War History LIVE & ON-AIR

(Left to Right: Terry Rensel, Paul Scott, Sarah Kay Bierle; Chris Mackowski, standing)

On December 16, 2019, two of Central Virginia Battlefields Trust board members and the staff met in Ted Schubel's studio for a special radio interview about local history and battlefield preservation.

Ted Schubel introduced and welcomed Sarah Kay Bierle to the Central Virginia

area, asking about her background, recent move, and new role as Assistant to the Executive Director. Board Member Paul Scott spoke about the importance of grassroots effort of preservation and the challenges of saving history “in the backyard.” Terry Rensel, CVBT’s executive director, followed along those themes talking about recent preservation projects and hopes for future opportunities. Board Member Chris Mackowski shared about Civil War history at the recently-save Brock Road/V Corps Tract, explaining the historical significance of this land.

CVBT is grateful for the time in the studio to chat about preservation, local history, and their latest news on the Town Talk radio hour. We hope the community enjoyed the program as much as we enjoyed working with Ted Schubel to create this on-air conversation.

The entire Town Talk segment for December 16, 2019, is archived and available for easy listening: https://www.newstalk1230.net/episode/town-talk-dec-16-3/

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