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The Wilderness: 157 Years Ago

Battle of The Wilderness - 157th Anniversary

On May 5-6, Union and Confederate divisions clashed in the clearings and dense forests of The Wilderness. Places like Wilderness Tavern, Ellwood Manor, Saunders Field, Higgerson, Chewning, and Tapp Farms, Orange Turnpike, Orange Plank Road, and Brock Road all became recognizable names in local and military history due to the fierce fighting that occurred at these sites. After two days of battle and with the woods in flames, Union Generals Grant and Meade started moving their army toward the Confederate right flank in a race toward the more open ground around Spotsylvania Court House. Confederate General Lee had successfully blocked the Federal advances in the Wilderness and hurried his troops to oppose the next movement.

Today, we're sharing some history videos, a link for a Wilderness Battlefield E-Book, and a look back at recent and past preservation efforts. We appreciate your interest and support of battlefield preservation in Central Virginia.


"I Belong To The Regiment"

CVBT's newest video production focuses on the life and war service of Major Henry Abbott of the 20th Massachusetts Regiment. His death during the Battle of The Wilderness shocked his unit and his superior commanders. When we preserve hallowed ground, we help save the stories of the soldiers who gave their last full measures of devotion. We hope you find this new video informative and inspiring.


The Charge of the Texas Brigade

The arrival of the Texans at Widow Tapp's Field is a dramatic moment in the history of the Battle of The Wilderness. This short video—originally created as part of the At Ease Program—details that event.


Preserving The Wilderness Battlefield

In April, we announced the completion of fundraising $24,500 to assist American Battlefield Trust with the preservation of 36 acres of land along the Orange Turnpike where General Cullen Battle's brigade of Alabamians started their counterattack into Saunders' Field. (American Battlefield Trust is completing their commitments and will make further announcements about this property in the future.) Thank you for your support toward the newest land save in The Wilderness. Across CVBT's 25 year history of battlefield preservation, opportunities to preserve land in The Wilderness have included Grant's Knoll and several tracts around Wilderness Tavern and Wilderness Crossroads. Learn more...


Parting Shot


Central Virginia Battlefields Trust's mission is to preserve, protect, and educate about Civil War hallowed ground at Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville, The Wilderness, and Spotsylvania Court House.

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