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About Fredericksburg

Fredericksburg was the scene of two major battles. Both times, the fighting centered on Marye's Heights, a ridge one-half mile in rear of the town. Artillery on the ridge supported Confederate riflemen standing in the Sunken Road. Today, thanks to the generosity of CVBT members, visitors may view the battlefield from either perspective.

Battlefield Ground Saved

9.5 acres

Willis Hill - 9.5 acres; 1997 (incorporated into NPS site) Our first site saved!

10.3 acres

Deep Run / Garrison tract - 10.3 acres; deed of gift to CVBT February 2011

4.5 acres

Pelham's Corner - 1 acre; 1999/2008. November 2015 - Added additional 3.5 acres current saved 4.5 acres. (CVBT retained)

11.2 acres

Smith Run - 11.2 acres, 2001

11.9 acres

Pelham's Crossing - 11.9 acres; 2002 (CVBT retained)

208.1 acres

Slaughter Pen Farm - Raised $1 Million (joint effort with CWT)

104 acres

Latimer's Knoll - 104 acres; 2004

18 acres

Braehead (House & Grounds) - 18 acres; 2006

.854 acres

Fort Hood - 5.6 acres; easement donated to CVBT

Historical Significance

Slaughter Pen Farm

The Slaughter Pen is the very heart and soul of the Fredericksburg Battlefield. Without it, nothing makes sense. This is the point where the battle was won and lost on December 13, 1862.

Pelham's Corner

On December 13th, 1862, just south of Fredericksburg, John Pelham positioned two cannons on the Union flank and held the Union assault at Slaughter Pen for nearly two hours.

Willis Hill

Fredericksburg was the scene of two major battles. Both times the fighting centered on Marye's Heights, a ridge one half mile in the rear of town. Artillery on the ridge supported Confederate riflemem standing in the Sunken Road.


A brick manson on the Fredericksburg battlefield. A bullet hole next to the front door. A blood stained floor, soldier graffiti on a plaster wall. Robert E. Lee had breakfast here the morning of December 13th, 1862 - the day of the Battle of Fredericksburg.

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The CVBT is an authorized 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to the preservation of Virginia's Civil War battlefields.  Contributions are tax-deductible. Consult your tax advisor for details.


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