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Become a Partner of Central Virginia Battlefields Trust Today!


We can’t do it without you!


At Central Virginia Battlefields Trust, we value your donations, time, and advocacy for historic preservation.

As a Member you are our Preservation Partner


We have several giving levels. Each corresponds to a special gift of appreciation, special events, or memorable experiences.

CVBT Membership Donation Incentives


Each successive level of support enjoys all benefits of the previous levels. Incentives are based on cumulative giving. Your full donation is tax deductible, if you choose not to take advantage of the premiums offered, please indicate in the "Write a Note" sections just before you enter your name and address.

All Members giving $35 or more receive:

Copies of CVBT’s On The Front Line Magazine, published twice per year.

*All Members giving $50 receive:

*All Members giving $100 receive:

*All Members giving $250 receive:

*All Members giving $500 receive:

*We are currently revamping our Membership program. Thank you for your patience.

Join the CVBT Generals!


The Foundation of Our Mission

The Central Virginia Battlefields Trust is blessed with those who have decided to join our ranks and support our mission of saving the Civil War Battlefields of Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville, Mine Run, the Wilderness and Spotsylvania Courthouse here in the ever-expanding sprawl of Central Virginia. There is no shortage of important battlefield land at risk.

Whenever we purchase one of these threatened important historic properties you, our partners, have always answered our call. But there are always the everyday expenses and need to be liquid to some extent. At times, properties come up without notice and CVBT needs to work extremely fast sometimes requiring us to write an immediate check to secure that land. These are instances we cannot wait on a grant or an appeal.

We of course, always have the daily expenses of running the business. We are a 501c3 but still have need to cover our modest rent, and daily office and employee salaries. CVBT has always run on a shoestring and that has not changed. We have two fulltime employees and everyone else is a volunteer. Yet our impact on battlefield preservation is vast and on par with much larger organizations of our type.

We have created, and recently simplified, a special designation for those who go beyond answering land appeals and membership dues and choose to invest in the organization further.

The Generals are those who give an additional $1,000 a year over and above membership and land appeal donations. This is an INVESTMENT in an organization that has proven itself for over a decade that big successes can come from a relatively moderately sized group of dedicated individuals and partners.

So, other than extra giving, what makes the Generals different?

CVBT feels that anyone qualifying to join the ranks of The Generals should garner some special attention. CVBT will hold at least one, maybe more, private invitation only  battlefield tours with a noted historian exclusively for The Generals. There will also be special event(s) at our Annual Conference offered specifically for this group.

For those Generals investing $2,500 above and beyond land appeals and dues CVBT will waive your annual Conference fees for yourself and one guest in addition to the benefits listed above.

CVBT is a small organization doing incredible things and we appreciate all donors and welcome you as Partners.  For those who think well enough to further invest in our mission we can not thank you enough as you literally keep the lights on and allow the business of saving Americas precious history to continue.

We are in need of at least 150 Generals supporting CVBT on a yearly basis. Won’t you consider becoming a General?

CVBT Generals Hat


Your full donation is tax deductible, if you choose not to take advantage of the premiums offered and to do so: please indicate in the "Write a Note" section just before you enter your name and address.

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