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While the following videos are designed to be Virginia Standard of Learning compliant, they are freely available for use in any classroom.

President Abraham Lincoln -

April 14, 1865, 8:10 PM, The White House. President Abraham Lincoln uncharacteristically recalls his past five years to White House stewards while waiting for his carriage to the theater.

Confederate President Jefferson Davis - Jefferson Davis, after his release from prison, explains what happened leading up to and during the Civil War.

Union General Ulysses S. Grant - September 1884, New York City. Upon receiving a diagnosis of cancer, former President Grant decides to write his memoirs to provide income for his beloved wife Julia. 

Confederate General Robert E. Lee - Late April 1865, behind the Stewart House, Richmond, Virginia. In an unexpected encounter with a local citizen, General Lee provides his retrospective summary of the "late conflict" and ponders his own and Virginia's future.

Frederick Douglas - Following his presentation to an 1880’s women’s suffrage event, Frederick Douglas takes questions.  Although his demeanor seems casual, there is intensity when he addresses issues of import. 

Confederate General Thomas A."Stonewall" Jackson - Chancellorsville, VirginiaMay 1st, 1863, late afternoon.  As he is about to ride to a meeting with General Lee, General Jackson pauses to inspire a frightened young soldier.”  

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