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Table of Contents: 
Introductory Notes
1. Aerial Bombings and Amphibious Landings: The 1921 Marine Corps Maneuvers on the Wilderness Battlefield by Eric J. Mink
2. “It Does Appear as if Our Soldiers Were Made Altogether of Patriotism”: The Civil War Diary of Mary Gray Caldwell. Part 1, Transcribed and Annotated by Russell P. Smith
3. Experience of an Old Soldier in the Army of Northern Virginia, 1862 -1865 by W.P. Goodwin of Caroline County, Virginia (reprint of a 1907 pamphlet). Introduced and annotated by Jerry H. Brent
4. Minutes of the Common Council of the Town of Fredericksburg, 1860 -1861 Transcribed and annotated by Erik F. Nelson
5. Southern Exposure: Stonewall Sells: The 1863 Jackson Photograph by Eric J. Mink

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